Best seller - Sewing pattern

Here are our pattern selection for the season 😊

P'tites Sapes

Ses créations

Coming from the professions of image and sound, I became passionate about sewing very quickly after the birth of my daughter, in 2008. The discovery of textiles, the permanent desire to combine colors, patterns and materials have literally plunged me into the exciting world of hand-sewn clothing. After years of practice and experience, I had an irresistible desire to propose my own models.

My brand of sewing pattern P'tites Sapes was born in 2016 and the passion is now stronger and more catchy than ever:)

Wissew : What is our vision ?

«  As you know, sewing is my passion, and like you, I started by buying my first patterns online. By launching Wissew, I wanted to bring to this community a place to mix cousins ​​and creators and thus solidify our wonderful community »