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Here are our pattern selection for the season 😊

Chloé de Plumti.lab

Ses créations

Plumti.lab is the small sewing laboratory that Chloé imagined through her creative madness. Formerly a graphic designer and always passionate about art, design, and colors, sewing has enriched its vast palette and has not left it for a few years now. With a sewing CAP in the pocket and training of model-making-gradation, Chloé offers you patterns that are original, young, and dynamic. The detail is neat, the fit reflected, the accompaniment to the conscientious sewing. Its patterns, with the names of stars, will come to bloom the shop punctually, as cover surprises, according to his desires.

Wissew : What is our vision ?

«  As you know, sewing is my passion, and like you, I started by buying my first patterns online. By launching Wissew, I wanted to bring to this community a place to mix cousins ​​and creators and thus solidify our wonderful community »