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Here are our pattern selection for the season 😊

Caroline Muller de Slow Sunday Paris

Ses créations

The desire to create sewing patterns that match my clothing tastes came to me during my studies as a model designer. Sewing quickly became a pleasure that I wanted to share and faced with the offer of then, the idea of creating a brand of sewing patterns that fit the trends appeared.

Creating a brand of sewing patterns is another way of designing fashion: once the model is created, everyone can appropriate it according to their creativity and desires. It is a fun and alternative approach to fashion.

In April 2016, after several professional experiences as a stylist, the Slow Sunday Paris brand was born. Among the first three models, one of them became the emblematic patron of the brand: the Forget dress

Wissew : What is our vision ?

«  As you know, sewing is my passion, and like you, I started by buying my first patterns online. By launching Wissew, I wanted to bring to this community a place to mix cousins ​​and creators and thus solidify our wonderful community »