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Here are our pattern selection for the season 😊

Lisa – LB. Créations

Ses créations

Sewing, it is thanks to my grandmother that I discovered it. She taught me to use her sewing machine for hours! Then a few years went by and one day I thought, "Why don’t I go back?" Since then, I keep sewing, creating and having lots of ideas! Wissew is just the opportunity to share my passion with you. This is a new challenge for me that I am really looking forward to!

My goal? Make you discover my universe, my style and also allow you to create your own pieces simply and with pleasure. Don’t hesitate to ask me on my Instagram @lii_zab account. I would be happy to answer you!

Wissew : What is our vision ?

«  As you know, sewing is my passion, and like you, I started by buying my first patterns online. By launching Wissew, I wanted to bring to this community a place to mix cousins ​​and creators and thus solidify our wonderful community »