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Here are our pattern selection for the season 😊

Marnie from Switzerland

Ses créations

Marnie lives for real in Switzerland in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields and mountains. She loves the simple things in life, the little things and the pretty things. As far back as she can remember, she has always sewed, knitted, drawn, tucked in, but above all created. She learned to knit with her mom at 5 years old, sewed her first patchwork with her grandmother at 10 years old. She loves beautiful fabrics and making clothes in which we feel comfortable and beautiful every day. She has been knitting for a few years now, first and foremost for her and her daughter, rather timeless pieces, sometimes with a touch of vintage, and loves to work on the volumes and falls of her models. 

Marnie has two lives, she works part-time in finance and devotes the rest of her time to her family and her passion for textile arts.        

Wissew : What is our vision ?

«  As you know, sewing is my passion, and like you, I started by buying my first patterns online. By launching Wissew, I wanted to bring to this community a place to mix cousins ​​and creators and thus solidify our wonderful community »