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Wissew is a sewing patterns marketplace, we allow sewing enthusiasts and fashion designers to sell their patterns, earn money, be recognized for their talent and live from their passion. But how does it work ?


  • You have nice and graduated sewing patterns (paper or pdf format)
  • You have beautiful pics of your creations
  • you want to challenge yourself


  • Earn Money
  • Be recognized for your talent
  • Create new opportunities
  • Develop your network
Femme souriante devant son ordinateur

Who can become a Wissew designer?

At Wissew, everyone can become a creator. Are you a stylist-modeler by trade and do you have bosses sleeping in your closets? Do you sew weekends out of passion and make your own patterns? Are you a fashion school student and have great bosses? Let’s go, send us an email to offer your creations to the Wissew community.

At Wissew, we give everyone the chance to start their career, to make themselves known thanks to their talent and to make a project that makes sense. Just validate the prerequisites just above..

What does Wissew do for creators?

We know it is difficult to manage everything for a pattern maker. This is why we take care of putting online, communication, promotions, after-sales service, loyalty. You just have to create the boss who will hit the mark.

Wissew allows you to develop your notoriety and increase your sales easily. Wissew is also an exciting and intense human adventure.

We also offer services to make your life easier, such as the scanning of patterns or photo shoots.


The story of our first designer

Florence is a nurse but has always dreamed of being a fashion designer. One day she explains to me that she is bored at work and that she would like to live from her passion. I offer to sell her patterns on Wissew, she accepts instantly!

Today the bosses of Florence are adored by the couture community, she is proud of her success and finally has the impression of making a project that makes sense.

She regularly goes on trips thanks to what she earns on Wissew (she also buys a lot of shoes ..) and even thinks of stopping her current job. Nice story that could look like yours?

Beleive in yourself

You dream of living your passion for sewing, you have graduated patterns and beautiful photos of your achievements, contact us.

Send us an email with photos of your creations and we will respond to you to organize a telephone meeting so that you can explain your journey, your project and your ambition.


Wissew services

We help you create your A4 Patterns

We communicate on you and your design

We sell your patterns