• 100drinefait100pas


    Having learned sewing as a self-taught several years ago, I am keen to create patterns that are simple to sew but with character, to change from the classics that can be found on networks. My goal is to prove to beginners that they can also achieve something original without spending hours on the explanatory booklet.

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  • 36 Bobines

    36 Bobines

    Passionate about sewing for more than fifteen years, I gradually started sewing my entire wardrobe, until I passed my CAP in fuzzy sewing a few years ago.

    I wanted to create my own models adapted to my body type and especially my tastes and fashion trends. This is why I have developed several swimsuit patterns, so that they are both figure-flattering and comfortable. Sewing a jersey is much easier than you might think at the outset; especially the models that I have built because they are well adjustable, without a closure system to install. As I teach sewing lessons, I know the difficulties one can encounter when reading a pattern booklet. This is why I have tried to develop the explanations well with many diagrams and even accompanying videos.

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  • Alexandra Vanlerberghe

    Alexandra Vanlerberghe

    Passionate about sewing, Alexandra creates her own patterns and clothes. Self-taught, she is keen to offer you step by step patterns, suitable for beginners. You can visit my blog and my instagram account!

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  • Ambitious Elle Patterns
  • Amelia Ti
  • Amy Nicole Studio
  • Anais_wgr_couture
  • Andrea Condés
  • Angélique Lefranc

    Angélique Lefranc

    Ma Petite Garde-Robe is above all a new life project. After 20 years of working as a salaried executive, I wanted to give back meaning and passion in my work. Passionate about sewing and eager to share my passion, I created Ma Petite Garde-Robe in 2018 in order to offer models easy and quick to make. I surround myself with professional designers to create them so that everyone can safely embark on a successful sewing project. The style Ma Petite Garde-Robe. A delicate blend of femininity, simplicity, and elegance so Frenchy…

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  • Anne-Sophie Pons

    Anne-Sophie Pons

    A graduate of Atelier Chardon Savard and a model designer at Zadig&voltaire, designer Anne-Sophie is always looking for new inspirations. She wants to create clothes that will make all the difference in terms of style. Her patterns are original and fashionable, you will have fun! She even offers patterns for men.

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  • Atelier Darra
  • Atelier des Premières
  • Atelier Guillemette

    Atelier Guillemette

    After 4 years of designing lingerie prototypes in several large French houses, Guillemette decided to open a sewing workshop for private individuals.

    The Atelier de Guillemette is born from the desire to offer current models, easy and accommodating to all morphologies.

    “I want to allow everyone to find themselves in their intimate wardrobe by creating an array of underwear in their image.”

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  • Atelier Jupe
  • Atelier Maelström

    Atelier Maelström

    You and I have a common passion: sewing! So why not share with you my personal patterns from 34 to 46.

    After graduating in 2013 as a stylist/designer in the high-end ready-to-wear women’s sector, and after various experiences in the lingerie and luxury leather goods sector, I wanted to offer you in PDF my detailed creations step by step, so that you too can enjoy yourself at home.

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  • Atelier Patron de Couture
  • AV Alexandra Création
  • Bélène Paris
  • Blue-dot Pattern
  • Brandi Joan
  • Burgundy Patterns
  • By Chelsie
  • By Wissew
  • Café Cousettes
  • Cali Faye
  • Camille Ali

    Camille Ali

    Designer-modeller graduated from the ESMOD school, the designer Camille is constantly inspired to invent original cuts. Ambitious, she created her own brand, MyEllika. Her sewing patterns are crafted and her guides are detailed. Check out her jacket pattern who’s wreaking havoc! Her Instagram account is nice too!

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  • Camimade


    Camimade is a creative workshop of independent sewing patterns, in search of more contemporary sewing, with minimalist and timeless designs. Camimade develops patterns in PDF and paper format. The detailed sewing guides accompanying each pattern offer different customization options and are fully hand-illustrated.

    We opened the workshop in 2019 in London with tons of projects in mind to help you create.

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  • Capsule Pattern
  • Caroline Muller de Slow Sunday Paris

    Caroline Muller de Slow Sunday Paris

    The desire to create sewing patterns that match my clothing tastes came to me during my studies as a model designer. Sewing quickly became a pleasure that I wanted to share and faced with the offer of then, the idea of creating a brand of sewing patterns that fit the trends appeared.

    Creating a brand of sewing patterns is another way of designing fashion: once the model is created, everyone can appropriate it according to their creativity and desires. It is a fun and alternative approach to fashion.

    In April 2016, after several professional experiences as a stylist, the Slow Sunday Paris brand was born. Among the first three models, one of them became the emblematic patron of the brand: the Forget dress

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  • Cécile DIY
  • Charlotte de Cha' coud

    Charlotte de Cha' coud

    I am Charlotte, I am passionate about sewing and all the small handicrafts since I am very small! It was at my grandmother’s side that I went into sewing, she made me want to take the plunge to make my profession. I learn new techniques every day, I acquire speed, technicality, and thoroughness. Sewing never ceases to surprise me and fills me daily. I like to go from the imagination of a model to the final phase of its realization! I am often very proud of it! Discover all my creations on my Instagram account.

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  • Charlotte Kan Patterns
  • Chloé de Plumti.lab

    Chloé de Plumti.lab

    Plumti.lab is the small sewing laboratory that Chloé imagined through her creative madness. Formerly a graphic designer and always passionate about art, design, and colors, sewing has enriched its vast palette and has not left it for a few years now. With a sewing CAP in the pocket and training of model-making-gradation, Chloé offers you patterns that are original, young, and dynamic. The detail is neat, the fit reflected, the accompaniment to the conscientious sewing. Its patterns, with the names of stars, will come to bloom the shop punctually, as cover surprises, according to his desires.

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  • Clematisse Pattern
  • Comme une fleur
  • Cousette Pattern

    Cousette Pattern

    Cousette Patterns, patterns of clothes to wear without moderation in all circumstances.

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  • Couturette
  • Damn Good Caramel par Julie Kansara

    Damn Good Caramel par Julie Kansara

    Damn Good Caramel is a brand of couture patterns inspired by the pleasure of creation and technique. She was born from the path of a self-taught passionate about crafts and craftsmanship, Julie Kansara, and professionalized over time and experience. From book writing to video sewing classes, she cultivates her passion for transmission to people who are eager to learn! Find all his works on and on Instagram @damngoodcaramel!

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  • DP's par DP STUDIO

    DP's par DP STUDIO

    Dp's is a new concept of sewing patterns, specially designed for beginners and people who want to learn how to sew patterns simple and easy at the same time. After the launch of the dp studio brand and its high-end creative positioning, here is a new line always exploiting this universe of sewing in a creative spirit, but with ease of execution, to satisfy the greatest number. This collection takes up the codes of the trends of the moment with shapes, volumes, colors skilfully studied, without integrating technical details too complex to sew. The entire women’s wardrobe is thus treated (dress, skirt, tops, etc.), with the own identity that dp studio has been able to highlight for some years now.

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  • DressYourBody


    Passionate about sewing, I worked for many years as a project manager in the fashion industry. Working with fashion houses and ready-to-wear brands has only reinforced my desire to always: use my training as a model maker to share the models I create and wear on a daily basis. With Dressyourbody I propose models adapted to different levels of sewing, simple or more complex but always with a nice look and small refined details. And you can let go of your creativity 200% with the «Sleeve Bar» which allows you to free download the sleeves of the collection on the shop in order to customize the different models and create your ideal garment!

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  • ELM Patterns
  • Enjoy Couture
  • Fabricartem
  • Fieldwork Patterns
  • Florence Fernandez

    Florence Fernandez

    Passionate about fashion, Florence hides her pretty dresses under a white blouse. At home, sewing is transmitted from mother to daughter, since very little she always loved to draw and create. She draws inspiration from current trends in order to create modern and feminine pieces. She likes to see her ideas come to life and this magical moment where we move from fabric to a beautiful piece! You will love her dress! For Instagramers, visit her account here!

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  • Gabrielle de Basil(e)
  • Gaël Couture Bordeaux

    Gaël Couture Bordeaux

    Seamstress and trade animator, Gaël creates tailor-made clothing and runs sewing workshops with his own patterns. Graduated from a BEP and a BAC couture flou, she continued in the plastic arts and animation creative workshops for 10 years. Today, she wants to share her creations beyond her classes. Come discover her world on her Instagram account!

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  • Gladys Pattern
  • Greta Workshop
  • Homer and Howells
  • Honey & Rose

    Honey & Rose

    My name is Rose and I’m the creator of the pattern design, garment creation and sewing blog that is Honey & Rose, based in the stunning Blue Mountains, Australia.

    My mum taught me how to sew at around the age of 18 after high school and I made nearly all of my skirts from that age. Eight years later, I completed an online sewing and pattern drafting course to gain new skills and haven’t looked back since, as I learnt how to combine my knowledge of design programs and my new pattern drafting skills.

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  • Iribole Couture
  • Iris May Patterns
  • Jane Richard
  • Je fais mes dessous

    Je fais mes dessous

    Designer of the brand I make my underwear, lingerie patterns, couture book and online haberdashery specialized in lingerie.

    There is also an Instagram account and a Facebook page to follow the news, news and a blog on which there are tutorials.

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  • Josette Pattern
  • Jour de Couture
  • July Hems
  • Kaava Patterns
  • Kate's Sewing Patterns
  • Klafoutis Patterns
  • L'Atelier d'Eve
  • L'insolence
  • La petite patronne
  • Laeti et Léa
  • Laura Crampé

    Laura Crampé

    I’m Laura, a management student and passionate about sewing since childhood, I want you to discover my world, full of lace and a chic bohemian style. Find all my creations and stitching patterns on my Instagram account, see you soon!

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  • Lauren Van Der Mast
  • Les Divines Patrons
  • Les Fusettes
  • Les Patronnes
  • Lisa – LB. Créations

    Lisa – LB. Créations

    Sewing, it is thanks to my grandmother that I discovered it. She taught me to use her sewing machine for hours! Then a few years went by and one day I thought, "Why don’t I go back?" Since then, I keep sewing, creating and having lots of ideas! Wissew is just the opportunity to share my passion with you. This is a new challenge for me that I am really looking forward to!

    My goal? Make you discover my universe, my style and also allow you to create your own pieces simply and with pleasure. Don’t hesitate to ask me on my Instagram @lii_zab account. I would be happy to answer you!

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  • Lou and me
  • Louison de Oli Soun

    Louison de Oli Soun

    I discovered my passion for sewing during my studies of applied arts that I completed with a BTS Fashion Design and I am also MAF.

    Today I am a manager of my company which is a cheerful melting pot of everything I like in sewing (sewing lessons and online haberdashery), I am also a teacher in professional high school, section trades in fashion and clothing, I like to create my own garments, I love creating my own clothes and I love teaching passion. Sewing patterns were a good way to combine the two so I went for it!

    I like simple creations with small twists that differentiate them from others.

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  • Lysimaque


    It was the summer I learned to sew, alongside my grandmother. Since then, I’ve been drawing my patterns as a self-taught artist for years (even if it’s not my main job), because I like the simple, feminine but not tight, Japanese-inspired forms and I always have tons of ideas… and the simplest, it was still to draw them! I hope to offer simple patterns, which are easy to sew and always a source of pleasure. And clothes that are pleasant to wear with originality.

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  • Ma Box Couture
  • Ma Petite Fabrique

    Ma Petite Fabrique

    Drawing, patronizing, sewing… Seeing your ideas come to life before your eyes… A passion transmitted by my mom and learned, by pure chance, during evening classes in Paris by a teacher at Esmod, former model maker at Chloé and Paul&joe…

    Nothing predicted that one day I would embark on this crazy adventure.

    But one day, the wish came to transmit, to give! Then, a meeting with Juliette… And finally the desire to launch!

    I hope you take as much pleasure in sewing this pattern as I did in designing it.

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  • Madalynne Intimates
  • Making Patterns Fly
  • Mangue et chocolat
  • Mapùrnia


    Manon is a lawyer at the base, she started sewing because she never found what she was looking for in the trade. The concept of the «no-patron» came to her because she wanted to sew her own creations, according to her desires and especially her needs. She creates tutorials to help those who, like her, want to sew without know-how, find her two tutorials in our section TUTO COUTURE! She also has a very nice blog

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  • Marnie from Switzerland

    Marnie from Switzerland

    Marnie lives for real in Switzerland in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields and mountains. She loves the simple things in life, the little things and the pretty things. As far back as she can remember, she has always sewed, knitted, drawn, tucked in, but above all created. She learned to knit with her mom at 5 years old, sewed her first patchwork with her grandmother at 10 years old. She loves beautiful fabrics and making clothes in which we feel comfortable and beautiful every day. She has been knitting for a few years now, first and foremost for her and her daughter, rather timeless pieces, sometimes with a touch of vintage, and loves to work on the volumes and falls of her models. 

    Marnie has two lives, she works part-time in finance and devotes the rest of her time to her family and her passion for textile arts.        

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  • Meel


    My name is Mélodie and I have been knitting since I was about 8 years old. My grandmother taught me how to knit and I never lost the yarn. I decided to create knitting patterns two years ago today because what I found was not right for me. I decided to take part in the Wissew adventure to introduce my creations to more people and demonstrate that knitting can be modern and fashionable.

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  • Meije.d
  • Mélissa Veau

    Mélissa Veau

    With a degree in model design from a Lyon school, Mélissa wants to share her creations with other enthusiasts. His clothes are original pieces that remain easy to wear in everyday life. You can find his work on his website or on his Instagram!

    Good discovery!

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  • Mono Patterns
  • Montoya Mayo
  • Named Pattern
  • Nika Studio
  • Nine Patrons
  • Nom d'une couture


    I am Jay :) 
    I work as a pattern maker during the day and as a macrame artist in the evening.
    Let's strive for a sustainable life together!

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  • Oui Patterns
  • Paradise Patterns
  • Pasta Couture
  • Pattern Paper Scissors
  • Pattern Sewciety

    Pattern Sewciety

    Hi. I’m Mari-Leen, the founder of Pattern Sewciety. Welcome!

    At Pattern Sewciety we strive to bridge the gap between the fashion industry and the fashion conscious home sewer by creating on trend dress patterns and bringing you news flashes from the world of fashion and sewing. We will show you how to achieve the latest looks by featuring relevant patterns, give you trend reports to inspire you and keep you updated with the latest Pattern Sewciety news. We hope to not only inspire home sewers, but anyone who loves fashion.

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  • Pauline et Gabrielle

    Pauline et Gabrielle

    Gabi and Paulette, a complementary duo. Both from a BTS at the Lycée de la Mode in Cholet, model for Gabi and stylist for Paulette, they work together since a student exchange in South Korea. They are always looking for new ideas to offer you simple, elegant and up-to-date pieces! Come discover our universe on our instagram account.

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  • Pêche Melma
  • Perrine


    I am a student in bio-informatics and passionate about handicrafts. In 2015, I went into sewing! I loved being able to give life to drawings/ideas, so I learned self-taught. I imagine and sew mainly bags or kits! I hope you will be tempted by my creations?

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  • Petite & French

    Petite & French

    Originally from central France, I spent my childhood watching my neighbor sew dresses for my dolls. This is how my passion for fashion was born!

    A few years later, I decided to follow a Fashion & Technology program in Scotland, then to pursue a career in London, where I accompany the brands by providing them with technical solutions to improve the manufacturing process.

    On rainy Sunday afternoons, I take out my sewing machine and enlarge my wardrobe! I also create my own patterns, and I thought it was time to share them with you, hoping that what I do for me, you will also like!

    Discover all my creations on my Instagram account @petite_french.

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  • Petits D'om

    Petits D'om

    Hello my name is Domitille and I am the creator of the Petits D'om brand. I have been sewing since I was 10-12 years old and I am completely self-taught. In 2010 I opened a blog to share my achievements with the couture community and the desire to create my own designs quickly made itself felt. I started making dumplings and stuffed animals when I wrote my book in 2012, and then I turned to the children’s clothing patterns, the first of which was released in May 2017. What I want is to make sewing accessible to all: by offering timeless, easy to live and especially easy to sew models with very detailed explanations and specific technical data sheets.

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  • Ploome Pattern
  • Rebecca Jane Patterns
  • Right Side Patterns
  • Seasons Of East
  • Sew la diva vintage
  • Sewing and the City
  • Sewingmachina
  • Share My Creat - Anaïs Maubert

    Share My Creat - Anaïs Maubert

    Commercial Engineer by training I started sewing 3 years ago in a very anecdotal way!

    One day while I was doing some storage in the attic at my grandmother’s, I stumbled upon her old sewing machine Singer.

    Being a very manual person I immediately became interested, she showed me how to use it, the different points, the different feet, how to pass the thread, or fill a can.

    Then she helped me sew my very first creation, a small toilet bag:)

    So I propose modern and easy to make patterns, they are accessible to beginners and extremely easy to customize, the goal is to encourage the seamstress to appropriate the pattern, to let his creativity speak!

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  • Slow Morning Studio
  • Studio Schnittreif
  • Studio Seize Avril
  • Tessa Roosa
  • The Aware Collection
  • The Patterns Room
  • Vanessa Hansen Studio

    Vanessa Hansen Studio

    Vanessa has worked for many years in the London fashion industry as a creative pattern cutter. Now she is using her skills and love for sewing to make beautiful patterns for you to make at home. Her patterns are modern and have that extra flair - you will see nothing boring or basic about these sewing patterns. The instructions are packed with great skills to learn and are explained to you with detailed illustrations. 

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  • Vanessa Salaün
  • Vestiaire Eponyme
  • VZ Patterns
  • Wardrobe By Me Pattern
  • Wearologie
  • Workshop
  • You Made My Day Patterns