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Digital sewing pattern Amandine Bob


The bob is THE must-have hat that spans eras and generations, and is firmly established among the fashion trends of the moment. With the arrival of warmer weather, this flagship accessory of the 90s continues to be the talk of the town. What about you? Will you succumb to the trend?

This season, the bob is dressed in summery colors, prints and patterns. So let your imagination run wild! In a gingham check version for sixties looks at the top, with flowers or tie and dye prints to take on the 70s trend, and even embroidered... There's something for everyone. We've also adopted a bubble gum pink version for girly, hot silhouettes, or a pastel version for looks that exude freshness and softness.

For this bob, we suggest a reversible, rather flared model, with a fairly wide flap that tends to ruffle, depending on the material you choose. If you want a straighter look, we recommend a thicker or stiffer fabric (e.g. denim or coating). And good news: in addition to the pattern in your size, you'll find the model for children up to 3 years old. Enough to make pretty matching creations!

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