Digital sewing pattern Yoalli Dress


The Yoalli Dress is a digital PDF sewing pattern including instructions and a PDF pattern for sewing a sweetheart bodice dress with ruffle sleeves and a half circle skirt.

The Yoalli Dress is designed to flatter all kinds of body types, since the fitted bodice and half circle skirt complement each other perfectly. Fluttery half-circle ruffles create the illusion of sleeves, providing enough room for air on hot summer days.

Available in Englisg, Spanish and German


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> Sizes: A – I (Bust size 76cm-112cm / 30in-44in )
> 2 different versions, one buttoned at the front (version X) and one with a zipper in the back (version Y)
> Includes: Instructions with illustrations, printing instructions, size guide, hacking inspiration; PDF pattern (with and without layers)
> Printing sizes available: A4, US letter, A0
> Two PDF patterns with and without seam allowance are included
> Sewing skill level: ?? (Intermediate or advanced beginner. Some experience with fitting princess seams recommended.)
> Supplies needed: Printer&paper, scissors&tape, fabric, sewing machine, thread, 25cm invisible zipper (Y) OR about 15 buttons (X)
> Suggested fabric: woven fabrics such as cotton, viscose, linen or similar fabrics
> Language: English

You have the option of selecting and printing your size only if you open the layered PDF pattern in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Okular.

Sewing Tips
Sewing a muslin/toile first is always recommended since it allows you to check the fit and make any necessary adjustments first.
When choosing your size, I recommend going after your upper bust measurement and performing a full bust adjustment (FBA) if necessary. This pattern is designed for a dessmaker's B-cup. If the difference between your upper bust and full bust measurement is more or significantly less than 5cm (2"), performing an FBA is necessary to get the fit right. A resource for more information on performing an FBA is given in the instructions. Remember that the garment is meant to be skin-tight, but a small amount of ease is still necessary for the garment to fit you comfortably and to allow for movement.

The Story Behind The Name: 'Yoalli' (pronounciation [yowali]) is derived from classical Nahuatl 'Yohualli' and translates to 'night' ?. It is also a first name chosen for both men and women. Yohualli-Ehecatl (night wind) is a deity belonging to the Ometeotl Complex. Ometeotl is a name used to refer to the pair of Aztec deities that, in Aztec belief, are the primordial parents of deities, humans and creation itself. Yohualli-Ehecatl represents the mystery of the night and is also connected indirectly to death, taking careless wanderers at night with him. Occasionally, some would return and be gifted with a long and healthy life. According to a book I read once, people even built benches for Yohualli-Ehecatl to rest upon to calm his stormy character and increase the chances of getting his favour.

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