Petits D'om

Sewing Pattern Indie Child Short Skirt - PDF


Petits D'om is releasing a new pattern on Wissew, here's Indie the short/short skirt for little girls.

Here's what she writes about her new pattern:

"Indie is a jersey short or skort pattern available for ages 2 to 16. The skort has pockets, the skirt part is a simple front panel, while the back keeps the look of the shorts. Shorts can be made with or without pockets (in which case there is no side seam). Indie can be sewn both on a sewing machine and on a serger/overlocker. Please refer to the special supplies sheet for advice on sewing this model. Special jersey needles are essential.

Indie is a good basic for summer, ideal for ladies who are always on the go, and perfect for playing sports (tennis, hiking or whatever...) while still remaining coquettish and comfortable in your movements!"

The patterns have a layer system to print only the size you want to sew.

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  • The PDF pattern for ages 2 to 16 in A4 and A1.
  • The detailed, illustrated pattern guide
  • The special supply sheet

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  • Sewing Pattern Indie Child Short Skirt - PDF
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Material and yardage required:

  • Jersey (main fabric): 25 (2y) / 30 (4y) / 50 (6y) / 55 (8y) / 60 (10y) / 65 (12y) /65 (14y) / 70 (16y) on width (140 cm)
  • If you wish to make the pockets in a contrasting fabric: - Jersey: 25 x 60 cm (height x width) The main jersey yardage shown is sufficient if you wish to cut the pockets from the same fabric.
  • 2 cm wide elastic: 48 (2y) / 50 (4y) / 54 (6y) / 58 (8y) / 62 (10y) / 66 (12y) / 70 (14y) / 76 cm (16y
  • )
  • Cord (elastic or non-elastic spaghetti cord, ribbon....): 40 (2y) / 45 (4y) / 45 (6y) / 50 (8y) / 50 (10y) / 55 (12y) / 60 (14y) / 60 cm (16y)

Recommended fabrics :

To sew these models, we recommend using jersey as the main fabric.

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