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Bélène Paris

Avila Pants Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern - PDF

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Avila is waist-high thus accentuating the waist. Her flared trousers features pleats flattering our beautiful legs. As for the top, the back contrasts with the sobriety of the front thanks to a ruffled back-naked.

You can sew it together like a set, with a button fastening at the waist at the top and with an angled finish and invisible closure at the side of the pants. 

Avila is suitable for special occasions if you sew it in a silky fabric such as tencel or crepe but it can also very well be worn in everyday life with a corduroy, a tencel effect denim, a discreet poplin...etc.

You will receive by email: 

- The sewing pattern in A4 and A0 

- Detailed and illustrated instructions 

The model being fitted and back-naked, a canvas without finishes is mandatory.

Key details

• A pattern that can be sewed as a jumpsuit, pants or top

• From size 34 to size 50 available in PDF format

• Intermediate level +

• A 20-page booklet

• Sewing margins included 

• Modeling explanations

• A0 file included in PDF format

• 44 pages to print


• Wrinkles, one-sleeve, one-wrist seam with ripstop slit, invisible zipper

• Management of the morphological particularities of an adjusted model and adaptation of the pattern according to your morphology

Equipment required 

• For sizes 34-40, 275 cm of fabric for 140 of width; 42-50, 350 cm 

• 50 cm of heat stick if your fabric is too soft, not rigid

• 4 x 9 mm buttons (cuffs)

• 1 x 12 mm button (back)

• One zipper 50-60 cm

The fabric 

For a smooth fall, I recommend an average weight of 110-170 g/m²! For a more winter work, you can also sew it in a thicker fabric: 180-290 g/m²

• Either a fluid fabric for a blouse look or a slightly thicker fabric for a more winter and stiffer look. 

• Tencel

• Viscose crepe

• Jacquard or cotton twill

• Corduroy, corduroy

• Wool: light flannel, wool crepe

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