Balloon sleeve shirt – NUAGE


With its balloon sleeves and its fitted bodice, Nuage is an alternative to the basic t-shirt. Nuage offers 2 balloon sleeve lengths (short and mid), and a long sleeve extension. The pattern will teach you how to finish a neckline professionally. Very quick to sew, you will need more than one in your wardrobe!   

This PDF pattern includes:

the A4 pattern (15 pages);

the US letter pattern (15 pages);

the A0 pattern (1 page);

a step by step instructions guide with detailed hand painted illustrations (8 pages).

All PDFs allow you to print the size(s) you need thanks to the layer functionality in Adobe Acrobat Reader.



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Suggested fabrics (m yards)

Light to medium weight stretch knit fabrics like cotton jersey, with 40-50% elasticity (10cm of fabric goes up to 14-15cm when stretched). Prefer a fabric with a good recovery rate (that recovers its initial shape after being stretched).

Short sleeve version:
 for a 150cm/60″ wide fabric: 0.90m / 1yd (sizes A-D) or 1.00m / 1yd (sizes E-F) or 1.10m / 1 ¼ yd (sizes G-H)
for a 115cm/45″ wide fabric: 1.10m / 1 ¼ yd (sizes A-D) or 1.70m / 1 ¾ yd (sizes E-H)

Long sleeve version:
 for a 150cm/60″ wide fabric: 0.90m / 1yd (sizes A-C) or 1.20m / 1 ¼ yd (sizes D-G) or 1.50m / 1 ¾ yd (size H)
for a 115cm/45″ wide fabric: 1.50m / 1 ¾ yd (sizes A-D) or 1.80m / 2 yds (sizes E-H)

Samples shown in the pictures
I made the kakhi green version in a cotton jersey, and the pink version is a poly jersey, both fabrics were from Rainbow Fabric Kilburn. I have sewn the camel brown version and the long cream version in a cotton jersey, both from Raystitch.


A twin needle for jersey and a jersey needle for your sewing machine;
Iron on tape / stay tape to reinforce the shoulders;
Woven bias tape of approx. 20-30cm x 2.5cm / 8-10″ x 1″ for the inner neckline finish;
For the long sleeve version only: a transparent elastic tape, 6mm / 1/4″ wide, for the bicep area.

34 / 6 / XS
36 / 8 / S
38 / 10 / M
40 / 12 / L
42 / 14 / XL
44 / 16 / XXL
46 / 18 / XXXL
48 / 20 / 4XL
50 / 22 / 5XL
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