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Digital sewing pattern Rachel dress long or short


Rachel is a dress for all seasons.

In its short version with short sleeves, sew it in viscose crepe for a light dress, to match with sandals.

With long sleeves, play the babydoll dress card and opt for blue tencel, to be worn with wedges!

In its long version, whether with short or long sleeves, an English embroidery will make it a romantic dress to die for, to be broken up if you wish with a pair of sneakers; have fun with Rachel!

In its short or long version, I recommend using cottons (voile, poplin, batiste), linen, viscose linen, viscose crepe, tencel... Choose fluid, airy materials for a romantic look!


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  • Digital sewing pattern Rachel dress long or short
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To make the Rachel dress you will need:


Long dress version with long sleeves, sizes 34 - 38 :
2m30 of fabric

Long-sleeved long dress version, sizes 40 - 50: 2m90 of fabric

Short-sleeved long dress version, sizes 34 - 42
2m fabric

Long dress version, short sleeves, sizes 44 - 50
2m60 of fabric

Short dress version, long sleeves, sizes 34 - 50
1m90 fabric

Short dress version, short sleeves, sizes 34 - 50
1m75 fabric

1 spool 100 m thread
Iron-on (optional)
7 buttons for short version with short sleeves
17 buttons for long version and long sleeves Buttons 15 or 20 mm in diameter for button placket and 10 or 15 mm for sleeve cuffs.
2m50 bias (you can make your own bias from your own fabric)

A ruler

A pencil

Paper scissors

Fabric scissors

Box of pins

80-90% needle

A seam ripper

Erasable chalk/pencil

And of course... Your sewing machine!

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44 / 16 / XXL
46 / 18 / XXXL
48 / 20 / 4XL
50 / 22 / 5XL
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