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10 good reasons to sew your own pre-flat diapers:

  1. Cost: a diaper will cost you less than 5 euros (even less if you use fabric scraps), compared with around twenty in a store.
  2. Efficiency: the diaper covers baby's bottom and therefore has a good absorption capacity.
  3. Speed: no diaper assembly, no folding, just fold in 3 and hop on baby
  4. .
  5. Made-to-measure: you choose the size that's right for you, adapt it to your baby, and choose the number of layers of fabric.
  6. Modular: if the pre-plate isn't enough, you can add any insert or booster.
  7. Aesthetics: but how beautiful is a preplate, you can choose the fabrics you like, and even match it to your little one's clothes (well okay, it's useless because you can't see it, but you know...)
  8. Ease of use: sewing a preplate is easy for anyone (well, you just need to know how to thread a machine, but that's something you learn very quickly).
  9. Choice of fabrics: organic, GOTS, Oeko-tex, you
name it
  1. Ecology: need we remind you of the mountain of waste generated by disposable diapers and all the nasty products they often contain?
  2. Handmade and the pride
that goes with it

In this tutorial, you'll find all the steps explained and photographed, as well as patterns for 4 sizes of pre-flat diapers, so you can adapt them to your little one's tushy. Everything is in PDF format.

You'll find plenty of explanations, including how to choose your fabrics and how to use them.
We offer 2 tutorials: sewing machine and serger.



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Recommended materials: cotton or bamboo french terry (summer sweatshirt), jersey, sweatshirt

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