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Digital sewing pattern Alex winter coat


We hope you’re up for a slightly challenging, but really cool sewing project! A coat always starts with the mandatory cutting process, but Alex is just so much fun to sew! Our winter coat Alex has a beautiful, large collar and lapel, a seam in the front with the pockets worked in and a back vent for a sophisticated finish. You can easily lengthen or shorten Alex for a totally different look! 

Alex has a sligthly oversized cut, so you can easily go up or down a size, depending on the fit you're looking for. The coat is fully lined.

Difficulty: 4/4

Sizes: 34-52

Formats available: A4 - A0 without overlap - A0 with overlap

Languages: English - French - Dutch

This is a digital pdf pattern, you'll receive an email to download the pattern sheet in A4 and A0 size and sewing description. The pdf is a layered pdf with two lines per size, a cutting line and a stitching line. You need to select only the size you need (unclick all other layers, otherwise you will print all sizes and too many lines).

 The seam allowances are included on the pattern sheet.


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Choose medium or heavy coat fabrics, like wool, wool-mix, polyester, ...

You can find a size chart and the fabric requirements in the photos. If you're using a checked fabric, on average you will need to add 2 times the height of the check to the fabric requirements.

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38 / 10 / M
40 / 12 / L
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44 / 16 / XXL
46 / 18 / XXXL
48 / 20 / 4XL
50 / 22 / 5XL
52 / 24 / 6XL
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