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The Bleuet short-sleeve T-shirt is a basic wardrobe staple. It's a unisex model, with the armhole drooping over the arms.

The pattern can be lengthened without compromising the zero-drop pattern.

This T-shirt is a zero waste design: the overall pattern forms a rectangle = zero waste.

Language information:
This pattern is available in English and French.

Advanced level:

Person who knows :

make all types of garments, who is at ease with sewing and has been sewing for several years, and who knows sewing techniques and technical terms.
sew with fluid, elastic materials....
set up a sewing machine and own a serger.
draw up a pattern with the help of a dimensioned reduced-size diagram.

Sizes available:


( Mixed sizes, see size guide in photo)

The digital file contains:

Printing instructions
A pattern tracing guide and seam markers in the form of a reduced-size side diagram (measurements in cm).
A 100% scale extract of the pattern to reproduce the curves.
A reduced-size diagram for positioning and cutting the garment.
A detailed step-by-step garment assembly guide with diagrams.
The total document comprises 19 pages to be printed in A4 format (follow printing instructions).
Sewing values are included in the pattern.

When you buy this product, you receive a reduced-size pattern to reproduce yourself.

Photo details:

Photos 2 to 3 :

Bleuet T-shirt size B: Jersey tencel stretch vieux rose ( 96% tencel 4% elastane, 190gr/m2)

Buttercup pants size B: Tencel Re-woven(100% refibra lyocell, 205gr/m2)

Photo 4:

Bleuet T-shirt size D: Moss green stretch tencel jersey ( 96% tencel 4% elastane, 190gr/m2)

Photos 5 to 7 :

Bleuet T-shirt size C cut crosswise: Blueberry stretch tencel jersey ( 96% tencel 4% elastane, 190gr/m2)

Photos 8 to 11 :

Bleuet T-shirt size B: Off-white pique polo jersey ( 96% cotton 4% elastane, 220gr/m2)

Buttercup pants size B: Tencel Re-woven(100% refibra lyocell, 205gr/m2)

Photos 12 to 13 :

Bleuet Tshirt size F + 6 cm in length : Blueberry (= blue) tencel sweater (94% tencel 6% elastane, 240 gr/m2)

Clématite shorts size D: Lyocell Sweat black (=black) (100% tencel, 245 g/m2)

Photos 14 and 15 :

Bleuet blanc T shirt size F

Campanule pants size F: Lyocell fabric (100% lyocell, 139.5 g/m2)



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Fabric selection tip:

Stretch fabric such as jersey, polo knit... (tencel, cotton, viscose...)

A fabric approaching 200 grams/m2 will be thicker and more resistant for your T-shirt.

Ecological fabric tip :

jersey (100% tencel, 190g/m2)

Please note: For a patterned fabric, the model features head-to-tail pieces, so take a pattern without meaning to.

Fabric consumption:

You can cut the T-shirt either straight or crosswise.

For a crosswise cut, invert the two figures.

Consumption figures are shown straight-threaded, with a 30 cm safety margin.

Size A: 187 cm in 44 cm width

Size B: 191 cm in 48 cm width

Size C: 197 cm in 52 cm width

Size D: 201 cm in 56 cm width

Size E: 205 cm in 60 cm width

Size F: 209 cm in 66 cm width

Size G: 213 cm in 72 cm width

Size H: 217 cm, 78 cm wide

Size I: 221 cm in 84 cm width

Size J: 225 cm in 90 cm width

Size K: 229 cm in 96 cm width

Supplied to order:

Fabric-matched thread for overlocking

Fabric-matched maraflex thread for topstitching (optional if your machine is properly set up)

Jersey needles

Recommended tools:

Personal printer to print the digital PDF file
Sewing machine, iron.
Overcasting machine: if you don't have one, you can replace overcasting with a zig-zag or decorative stitch with your sewing machine.
1m ruler, square, scissors, tape measure, pins, chalk or erasable pen...
Fabric (used sheet, paper...) for tracing the pattern. Possibility of tracing the pattern directly on the reverse side of the fabric, using an erasable pencil.

Adult size
30 / 2 / XXXS
32 / 4 / XXS
34 / 6 / XS
36 / 8 / S
38 / 10 / M
40 / 12 / L
42 / 14 / XL
44 / 16 / XXL
46 / 18 / XXXL
48 / 20 / 4XL
50 / 22 / 5XL
52 / 24 / 6XL
54 / 26 / 7XL
56 / 28 / 8XL
58 / 30 / 9XL
60 / 32 / 10XL
62 / 34 / 11XL
64 / 36 / 12XL
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