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Sewing Pattern - Ambitieuse skirt - English Version

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Here is the long-awaited pattern: the skirt of our new designer Héloïse (@française1fois on Instagram)!


This is what she writes about her new pattern :


The Ambitious skirt has a wallet cut, it is enhanced by an asymmetrical waist for a sophisticated side. She also has a maxi belt for a touch of modernity. It adapts to all styles and can be worn in any season: a must-have in our wardrobe!


Pattern to download in PDF format. The assembly booklet is illustrated step by step.


You will receive immediately by mail:


- The PDF template from 36 to 44. Just print and paste the pages to make your pattern

- The detailed and illustrated realization guide

- The print guide


The sewing’s challenges : 


This pattern is very simple to make and accessible for beginners. With this model, you will learn to sew in straight stitch and put on a belt.


Materials and footage required:


For this model, no material is required for the wool version. For a potentially mobile fabric, it will be necessary to provide a button to attach the inner skirt tail, which may not be sufficiently secured by tightening the belt.



Required length: 170x140 cm


Recommended fabrics:


For this pattern, the designer opted for a wool type shed in order to be able to wear it in winter. It can be made in other fabrics such as jeans, cotton, crepe (preferably heavy), etc. However, the fabric must have enough weight to hold well and fall well!


The community:

The Wissew community and the creator Heloise will help you and advise you with pleasure, during your creation! Contact informations are on the pattern!

Data sheet

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Guide des tailles

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