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Woodstock Blouse Sewing Pattern - PDF


The Woodstock Blouse invites you on a journey into the past, that of the 70’s.

With its loose cut and balloon sleeves, it assures you style and comfort. Its particularity? Its raglan sleeves that meet and thatcome to emphasize the frowns of the back.

-> Blouse with parmenture, V-neckline, gathered sleeves and back, elastic cuffs.

Although there is no particular difficulty there are some more technical points such as the work of the gathering and the laying of the parmenture. You will find the step by step in the booklet.

Size:From 34 to 44

Difficulty: 2/3 out of 5 . 

You will receive by email: 

- The pattern in A4 and A0 format 

- Detailed instructions



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Fabric Tip:

To have the puffy sleeves effect, prefer a poplin, a linen, a cotton batiste, etc.

You can also opt for more fluidity with a viscose. In any case, wear your choice on a lightweight fabric.

Required equipment: 

- For a width of 140 cm: 170 cm of fabric.

- For a width of 110 cm: 280 cm of fabric, except for size 34,220 cm.

- 60 cm elastic, 5mm to 1cm wide

- 30 cm thermo-adhesive ( for parmenture )

34 / 6 / XS
36 / 8 / S
38 / 10 / M
40 / 12 / L
42 / 14 / XL
44 / 16 / XXL
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