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Bali Sewing pattern - PDF


The sewing pattern for the BALI set is a pair of shorts and an overshirt, designed for summer in a swimsuit, or for a stroll along the beach.

2 versions of this sewing pattern are available:

Version 1

> A long overshirt, with long sleeves with shirt cuffs and 2 large flap pockets on the chest.

> Short shorts that fall to the same level as the overshirt, rounded at the sides to create a slight opening on the thigh. A small pocket on the buttock echoes the flap pockets on the overshirt.

> Blue outfit:

This version is perfect for the beach, to be worn with a swimsuit or a basic teeshirt.

Version 2

> A shorter overshirt, with 3/4-length sleeves and two large chest pockets

> Bermuda shorts that fall above the knee with a straight cut. It also has a pocket on the right buttock.

> White outfit:

For this version I doubled the overshirt and put bigger buttons for a dressier result, and an overshirt that can easily take on the role of "light jacket".

> Yellow set:

I sewed the long overshirt and short shorts of version 1, but with the 3/4 sleeves of version 2.

Of course, any mix is possible! You'll find a mix of the 2 versions in the photos.

Now it's up to you to make the version that suits you!

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Recommended fabrics :

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Fine, supple rendering: Viscose / Crepe / Cotton gauze / Linen ...

Thick soft rendering:
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Buttons (1.5/ 2cm wide) :

- version 1 : 7 (+2 for pockets)

- version 2: 5 (+2 for pockets)

Elastic (4cm wide)


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