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Digital sewing pattern Célia


Célia is a casual yet chic sweater with voluminous sleeves and flat pleats.

Six variations are possible for this sweater: a slightly crop sweater, a short trapeze dress or a long straight dress, with a choice of two sleeves: one with two flat pleats at the top of the sleeve and a puffed cuff, and another with multiple flat pleats.

Perfect with high-waisted jeans and a pair of sneakers. You can also make it a cocooning outfit by pairing it with Alexia pants, and sewing them both in the same fabric.

As a short or long dress, choose a lightweight knit, so you can slip a perfecto over it.

Seam allowances included.

Pattern includes :

- 20-page illustrated explanatory booklet

- The pattern in A4 and A0 format

- A video tutorial available on my Youtube channel.


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To make the Célia sweatshirt, you'll need :


Sweatshirt version - puffed sleeves with cuffs :
1m50 fabric > size 34-40
2m fabric size > 42 - 50

Sweatshirt version - sleeves with multiple flat pleats :
2m fabric > all sizes

Short dress version - puffed cuff sleeves

1m80 fabric > size 34-40

230m fabric size > 42 - 50

Short dress version - sleeves with multiple flat pleats :
2m30 fabric > all sizes

Long dress version - puffed cuff sleeves
2m40 fabric > size 34-40
2m90 fabric size > 42 - 50

Short dress version - multiple flat pleat sleeves :
2m90 fabric > all sizes

1 spool of 200m thread

Materials required:

A ruler

A pencil

Paper scissors

Fabric scissors

Box of pins

80-90 special jersey needle

A quick seam ripper

Erasable chalk/pencil

Double needle (optional)

And of course... Your sewing machine! You can also use your serger!

Célia is a sweater, so you'll need a knitted fabric to sew it!
You can use fleece sweaters, light sweaters, knitted fabrics or jersey sweaters for this sweater; I recommend heavyweight fabrics (min 280 g/m2) for best results.
However, if you want to use lighter knits, the result will be more airy!

Adult size
34 / 6 / XS
36 / 8 / S
38 / 10 / M
40 / 12 / L
42 / 14 / XL
44 / 16 / XXL
46 / 18 / XXXL
48 / 20 / 4XL
50 / 22 / 5XL
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Pullover ans Sweater
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A0 pattern file
PDF Tutorial
Video tutorial
Seam allowances
Time required
Entre 3 et 4 heures
Unit of measure
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A0 printing option available
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