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Inès Corset Sewing Pattern long or short sleeve - PDF


The Inès sewing pattern, fully lined, is the most accessible corset model in terms of sewing level. Featuring princess cut-outs, it enhances the sober, minimalist silhouette. The lacing is on the front, but you can also place it in the back by adding 1.5 cm to the center front and cutting it off at the fold.


- This model has a tie to keep the shoulders in place.

- Lacing is on the front for model A. On the latter, it can be placed on the back. To do this, cut your front at the fold and remove 1.5 on the middle back width.

- For all versions, it's possible to place an underlay to camouflage the skin. A canvas is even more necessary to ensure width.

- The corset can be worn with a bra, depending on its shape and discretion.

- As the models are fitted, an unfinished canvas is mandatory.

- All breasts can wear this model, with a few adjustments explained in the booklet for sizes A, + from size F. Women wearing the corset in the photos range from an A cup to an F cup, and from a size 34 to a size 46.

- The sewing pattern comes in a slightly small size. You may need to choose a different size from the one available in stores.

You will receive by email :

- The sewing pattern in A4 format

- Detailed illustrated instructions


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To make this sewing pattern you will need :

Key details

- Interchangeable sleeves

- Sizes 34 to 50 available in PDF format

- For beginners who have already sewn one or two garments

- 19-page full-color booklet

- Sewing margins included

- Model-making explanations

- A0 file not included

- 22 printable pages


The most accessible corset for beginners

Sewing of the sheath piece, sewing of a sleeve with elastic, gathers, sewing of an armhole

Management of the morphological particularities of a fitted model and adaptation of the pattern to your morphology

Hacks and adjustments suggested and diagrammed

- Adding an underlay to camouflage the skin

- Shorten the sleeve

- Create balloon sleeves

- Replace sleeves with straps

- Lengthening the corset into a dress

- Lengthening or shortening the corset

- Enlarge or shorten corset (chest or waist)

- Lifting the bust or enlarging the yoke

- Add or remove bust comfort (E or + cup) (A cup)

Material and lengths

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