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Bustier sewing pattern MADONNA - PDF

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Bustier PDF Sewing Pattern - MADONNA

Sewing Level: Confident.

XS cup 0, XS cup 1, XS cup 2
S cup 0, S cup 1, S cup 2, S cup 3, S cup 4
M cup 0, M cup 1, M cup 2, M cup 3, M cup 4
L cup 1, Lcup 2, L cup 3, L cup 4
XL cup 2, XL cup 3, XL cup 4

Cups have metallic bones. Their size are:
cup 0 - 5.1 X 12.3 X 6.9
cup 1 - 5.4 X 13.1 X 7.3
cup 2 - 6.2 X 14.1 X 8.5
cup 3 - 6.6 X 15.1 X 9.0
cup 4 - 7.0 X 15.8 X 9.3

Formats: A4/A0/US Letter.
Pattern include seam allowance.

NOTE: As Sizing Standards differ from region to region, please check the sizing chart in the photo gallery before buying our patterns. Make sure our sizing standards are convenient for your necessities.

Information langue : ce patron est uniquement disponible en anglais. Vous pourrez le traduire en français grâce à des outils de traduction gratuits en ligne tels que Reverso.

Si vous souhaitez coudre exclusivement avec des patrons en version française, pensez à utiliser les filtres de langue lors de votre recherche sur Wissew ou consultez tous nos patrons en français sur ce lien.


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Suggested fabrics include:

· Corset mesh - fabric is a sheer nylon mesh that stretches slightly on the crosswise grain, and it doesn’t stretch on the lengthwise grain – 50cm;
· Lace, is desirable to be thin and delicate. It could have a scalloped edge if you choose that the corset cup will have protruding scallops -50cm;
· Neoprene (elastic fabric) or Underwear foam, 2…4mm thick –for cups – 20cm;
· Lining – 20cm;
· Bone casing tape (to insert metallic bones for cups and plastic bone tape), the width should be chosen according to the width of the plastic bone tape – 2.5m;
· Bone casing tape to insert in the silk bias tape, the width should be chosen according to the width of the silk bias tape – 2m;
· Metallic bones for cups – 1 pair of the needed size;
· Tape with elastic loops – 50cm;
· Silk bias tape – 3,5…4m;
· Plastic bones tape – 2m;
· Tape reps, width 5 cm (Those who are fond of needlework are very familiar with rep ribbons. It is a strong strip of fabric made of polyester yarns with transverse scars. The material holds its shape well, therefore it is used not only as a decoration but also as an auxiliary) – 10cm.
· Wriggling bone – 50cm;
· Corset lacing rats tail cord – 5m.

* Ruler, tape measure, spools of thread to match your fabric (for stretch knit fabric the most common threads used to sew are textured polyester or textured nylon threads, textured threads are ideal for overedge and coverstitch seams because they offer excellent seam coverage and seam elasticity, this kind of thread you can use to avoiding popped seams), scissors or rotary, iron, clips or pins.

* Sewing machine. We use Janome DC3050 – it can do straight stitches, buttonholes and some of decorative stitches, also con replace overlock by zigzag stitch (it has several type of zigzag stitches); Janome myLock 644D for overlock stitches.

Pattern - description of the steps, easy to follow instructions.
All our patterns have been tested and worn by us and perfected.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD: This is a PDF sewing pattern, not a physical garment. Print straight away from home in A4. Easy, quick cutting and sticky tape pattern. Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be issued after purchase if the item has been downloaded.

This PDF sewing pattern features:
*Computer drafted pattern pieces;
*Professional diagrams with easy to follow instructions that include photo tutorials for the inside parts;
*A glossary of terms that is very helpful to beginners that are new to sewing.

Reviews matter, so please if you enjoyed our patterns and have made something beautiful we'd love to hear and see it.

We’d really love to hear how you found our patterns as we are always looking for ways to make them better. Please contact us via private message for any questions, feedback and suggestions!


Adult size
34 / 6 / XS
36 / 8 / S
38 / 10 / M
40 / 12 / L
42 / 14 / XL
Patterns of
Blouse and Shirt
File content
A0 pattern file
A4 pattern file
PDF Totorial
US Letter sewing pattern
Seam allowances
Fabrics quantity
Between 1m and 2m
Unit of measure
cm / m
Pattern option
Pieces do not overlap
Option d'impression
A0 printing option available
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