Seasons of East

Ses créations

Seasons of East has been several years in the planning but it really started almost a decade ago when my sister and myself attended an introduction to sewing class one evening. Neither of us was particularly creative and had never touched a sewing machine before, however three hours later after being surrounded by beautiful fabrics and consuming plenty of coffee and cake, we both walked away with an envelope cushion and were beyond thrilled. It was from that moment that our joint obsession with sewing was born.

It had never occurred to me to start my own business but after completing hours of classes and undertaking a pattern drafting course I began to think: this is possible. My sister sent me a meeting invite by email to convene in our living room and we had our very first business meeting to discuss what would become Seasons of East.

We want to share what we’ve learned through countless hours of making, researching, mistakes and wonderful breakthrough moments. We are passionate about teaching you everything that we learned the hard way, sharing with you the things that brought us joy and building a community who can support one another on a journey that will – hopefully – be a lifelong passion!